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How to Apply for Google Impact Challenge (GIC) Nigeria 2020

Google, a technology giant company has launched the Google Impact Challenge (GIC) Nigeria for 2020. In this article, I will be telling you all the need to know about GIC Nigeria and How to Apply Google Impact Challenge Nigeria with guidelines.

How to Apply for Google Impact Challenge

The Google Country Marketing Manager, Affiong Osuchukwu, said the initiative will see Google offer $2 million worth of grant to non-profits in the country that are innovating by using technology to reach their goals.

She further revealed that four non-profits stand to win $250,000 each, while eight runners-up will get $125,000 each.

Speaking at the announcement on Wednesday, Osuchukwu said the goal of the challenge was to solve some of the continent pressing challenges, She said


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PANEL OF JUDGES FOR Google Impact Challenge 2020

Osuchukwu said that winners would be decided by a panel of local judges and a public vote.

The panel of judges include the

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Channels Media Group,
  2. Mr. John MomohCEO,
  3. Zinox Technologies,
  4. Mr. Leo Stan EkehEx-international footballer and
  5. founder of the Kanu Heart Foundation,
  6. Kanu NwankwoPhilanthropist and
  7. Executive Director of Nigeria Network of NGOs,
  8. Oluseyi Oyebisi, Philanthropist and
  9. Media entrepreneur,
  10. Mo AbuduManaging General Partner, EchoVC Partners,
  11. Eghosa OmoiguGoogle Country Director,
  12. Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor

She said that the winning non-profits would also have free access to guidance, technical assistance, and mentorship from Google.


To be eligible such organizations must be registered as a non-profit in their country of operation. Have a community impact. Be innovative. Have the potential to scale directly or to serve as a model for other communities. Be feasible; have a well-thought-out plan and well-equipped team to execute

GUIDELINES – What you Should Know

Here is some basic information you need to know about Google Impact Challenge Nigeria. Continue reading to know how to apply

  1. What is the full, registered name of your organization?
    a. [text field]
  2. If your organization has a website, please provide the URL:
    a. Provide only one. You can share additional resources at the end of the application.
    b. [text field, optional]
  3. Is your organization registered as a nonprofit (NPO, NGO, or similar) or as a for-profit business?
    a. [select one: nonprofit, for-profit business]
  4. I certify that the organization for which I am submitting this application is eligible to apply for the
    Challenge. This means my organization meets the eligibility guidelines outlined in the Challenge Rules,
    including current legal registration in Nigeria, and a proposed project with a clear charitable purpose.
    a. Full rules are available here (opens in a new window)
    b. [checkbox]
  5. What is the official, registered address of your organization?
    a. Street Address [text field]
    b. City [text field]
    c. State [select one: Abia; Adamawa; Akwa Ibom; Anambra; Bauchi; Bayelsa; Benue; Borno; Cross
    River; Delta; Ebonyi; Enugu; Edo; Ekiti; FTC; Gombe; Imo; Jigawa; Kaduna; Kano; Katsina; Kebbi;
    Kogi; Kwara; Lagos; Nasarawa; Niger; Ogun; Ondo; Osun; Oyo; Plateau; Rivers; Sokoto; Taraba;
    Yobe; Zamfara]
    d. Postal Code [text field]
  6. When was your organization founded?
    a. Format: MM/YYYY
    b. [text field]
  7. What is your organization’s mission?
    a. [text field]
  8. How many full-time employees does your organization have?
    a. Do not include volunteers in this question — only full-time, paid staff of the local chapter (if
    applicable) of your organization.
    b. [number field]
  9. The name of the person completing this application is:
    a. [text field]
  10. What is your job title?
    a. [text field]
  11. What is your email address?
    a. [text field]
  12. What is your contact telephone number?
    a. Include country and area codes.
    b. [text field]
  13. Have any Google staff, officers or directors (or to your knowledge, immediate family members thereof)
    been members of your organization’s board or officer group within the last 12 months?
    a. [yes/no buttons]
  14. If you answered “yes” to the above question, explain here:
    a. [text field, optional]
  15. Does your organization have any business dealings or ongoing negotiations with Google?
    a. [yes/no buttons]
  16. If you answered “yes” to the above question, explain here:
    a. [text field, optional]
  17. To your knowledge, are any current government officials, employees or civil servants employed by your
    organization, or are they members of your organization’s board or officer group?
    a. [yes/no buttons]
  18. If you answered “yes” to the above question, explain here:
    a. [text field, optional]
  19. On behalf of my organization, I affirm that we do not have any dealings or programs involving entities or
    located in countries under U.S. or Nigerian export controls or sanctions.
    a. [yes/no buttons]
  20. If you are unable to agree to the statement above, please provide a detailed explanation here:
    a. [text field, optional]
    Financial Information
    Please include organization-wide data for fiscal years 2017, 2018, 2019 in US Dollars (USD). Estimates are
    fine; please do not include potential funding from the Challenge. If an answer is not applicable to your
    organization (for example, if your organization was founded less than 3 years), enter ‘0’. We may ask for
    additional financial information from your organization during our evaluation process.
  21. Annual operating expenses (USD):
    a. 2017 [number field]
    b. 2016 [number field]
    c. 2015 [number field]
  22. Annual revenues (USD)
    a. 2017 [number field]
    b. 2016 [number field]
    c. 2015 [number field]
  23. Total assets (USD):
    a. 2017 [number field]
    b. 2016 [number field]
    c. 2015 [number field]
  24. Total liabilities (USD):
    a. 2017 [number field]
    b. 2016 [number field]
    c. 2015 [number field]
    Project Overview
    Please answer the following five questions, each in one sentence or less – they’ll give us high-level
    understanding of your project and its goals. We’ll ask for more detail in just a minute.
  25. Please complete the following sentences:
    a. [30-word limit] My project is named… [text field]
    b. [30-word limit] It will provide economic opportunity to… [text field]
    c. [30-word limit] It will improve lives by… [text field]
    d. [30-word limit] This project is different than existing solutions because it… [text field]
    e. [30-word limit] If successful, in five years our project will… [text field]
  26. [30-word limit] Describe the geographic area that your project impacts:
    a. [text field]
  27. To which category does this project primarily align?
    a. [multiple choice: Arts, Culture and Humanities; Education; Environment and Animals; Health;
    Human Services; Other]
    Project Detail
  28. [150 word limit] In what stage is your project presently? What have you accomplished to-date?
    a. [text field]
  29. [150 word limit] Tell us more about the problem you propose to address. Why did you choose to take it
    on? Approximately how many people are affected? How does the problem impact their lives?
    a. [text field]
  30. [150 word limit] Contextualize your idea: what other approaches have been tried in the past? What is the
    insight or innovation that differentiates your project, and how is it better than what already exists?
    a. [text field]
  31. [150 word limit] Why would a potential beneficiary or user choose to engage with your product or
    service (including paying the cost, if there is one)? How will you make sure potential beneficiaries know
    about your project?
    a. [text field]
    Impact and Risks
  32. [150 word limit] What would the impact of this project be, if successful? Please quantify the potential
    impact, and explain how you calculated your estimate.
    a. Please clearly identify any assumptions you made and include sources where available.
    b. [text field]
  33. [150 word limit] How would you define and measure the primary indicator in your answer above?
    a. [text field]
  34. [150 word limit] How could your project and its impact grow beyond what you’ve proposed in this
    application? How will you sustain and grow the impact of this work beyond this grant?
    a. [text field]
  35. [150 word limit] What are the 1-2 most significant risks you anticipate in this project? How has your
    team planned to address them?
    a. [text field]
    Team, Partners and Budget
  36. [150 word limit] What makes your core team best suited to tackle this project?
    a. [text field]
  37. [150 word limit] Organization-wide, who are your major partners or funders from the last 3 years?
    a. [text field]
  38. [150 word limit] On this project specifically, which partnerships are or will be most critical for your
    success? What is the incentive for those organizations to partner with you?
    a. [text field]
  39. [150 word limit] If selected as a finalist, how would your project utilize $125,000 in funding? Please
    provide an overview of your anticipated budget.
    a. [text field]
  40. [100 word limit] Briefly, how would your goals and project plan change if you were to win the $250,000
    a. [text field]
  41. [150 word limit] If your organization is not a nonprofit, please explain how you will allocate any profit
    that your project earns.
    a. [text field]
  42. By submitting an application, I certify on behalf of my organization that: (1) my organization agrees to
    be contacted by Google for purposes of carrying out the Challenge; (2) my organization agrees to the
    Challenge Rules; (3) all information contained in this application is true and accurate; (4) my
    organization meets the eligibility requirements specified in the Challenge Rules; (5) none of the
    information in this application is confidential or proprietary; and (6) I am an authorized representative of
    my organization who has the authority and permission from the organization to participate in the
    Challenge on behalf of the organization; and (d) has the authority to legally bind the organization –
    including, without limitation, to the terms and conditions of the Challenge Rules and to any other
    required documentation as contemplated in the Challenge Rules.
    a. Note: The information you submit will be used in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy. The
    rules are available here. If you do not wish to submit your application or cannot certify for your
    organization, do not check the box above. If you do not certify, nothing in your application will be
    saved or sent to Google.
    b. [checkbox] I certify
    Optional Information
  43. Yes, I would like to receive email updates from Google on the Impact Challenge and other
    community initiatives. (optional)
    a. You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in emails you
    b. [checkbox] Yes, opt me in
  44. Please include links to up to 3 articles, publications, videos, or other resources that support your
    proposal. (optional)
    a. [text field]
  45. Is there anything else we should know? (optional)
    a. [text field]
  46. How did you hear about the Challenge? (optional; select all that apply)
    a. A colleague or friend
    b. Another applicant or a Judge
    c. Email from Google
    d. Email from another organization
    e. homepage
    f. Press (print, radio, or TV)
    g. Social media
    h. Other

How to apply for Google Impact Challenge in Nigeria

Interested Persons should apply for this wonderful program. To Apply, Click this link apply Here. The panel of judges will begin the selection and public voting will take place over the following four months. The final winner selection/award ceremonies will be held during the week of November 26th in Lagos.


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