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How to Pass & Score Very High in Skusat CBT Test 2020

Students should participate in the Skusat CBT Exam to get a chance of winning up to ₦300,000. You can easily obtain an academic support fund for your personal and academic development needs via the 2020 Skusat CBT Contest.

Most students in the tertiary institution must have heard about the exam body called Skusat. Well, if you haven’t heard of it, TheFunGist will be telling you more about it. The Skusat Program is being geared by an intellectual board with astute oversight and unparalleled dedication to community initiatives focused solely on youth empowerment.

pass skusat test

Skusat winners

This reward project is widely recognized as the forerunner of cloud based assessment in Nigeria as curled from several press publications in leading national dailies.

The Skusat program prides itself of a timely grant disbursement and remote process management.

Now you know what Skusat is all about. However, in this post i will be giving you guidelines to score very high in Skusat cbt exam 2020. Yes, Skusat examination is cbt (computer based test) based.


How to Pass SKUSAT CBT Test

Candidates who wish to pass and score very high in skusat cbt exam should note the following.

    • Get yourself acquainted with the the SKUSAT pre-test questions. After visiting the above link, Click on any of the packages, Basic Level , Standard Level and Scholar Level
    • Select any of the levels and you will be taken to a page to login.
    • Type in your name and click on Continue.
    •  You will be directed to a page to practice the questions, keep on practicing at different Levels as chances of scaling through is directly proportional to the number of times you practice
    • Candidates should read current affairs and some educational materialshow to pass skusat test


Skusat CBT Exam Past Question

Question #1 (1 point)
A builder received a bridge loan for $72,500 at 12 percent interest. If his total interest costs were $5,075 how many months did it take to pay off the loan.
Question #2 (1 point)
Excluding religious works what is the worlds top selling book?
Question #3 (1 point)
Lizzie’s Ice Cream Corp. purchased supplies at a cost of $26,000 during 2006. At January 1, 2006, supplies on hand were $2,000. At December 31, 2006, supplies on hand are $2,300. Supplies expense for 2006 will be
Question #4 (1 point)
John works 4 days per week. He drives 10 miles round trip per day. If gas is $2.50 per gallon and his car gets 20 miles to the gallon, how much would he have spent on gasoline in 2 weeks getting back and forth to work?
Question #5 (1 point)
Gender roles refer to how we should act as males or females:

It is important to note the following;

What does the Live Test portal look like?

To familiarize yourself with the interface of the Live Test portal, kindly visit

Who Can Apply For The Skusat Program?

The ongoing Skusat Aspire Campaign is an all-access contest for individuals between ages 16 and 28. However, foreign nationals and expatriates are not eligible to apply.

Where Will The Skusat Examination Hold?

The Skusat examination will be taken on the web portal under the LIVE TEST page. is an automated platform that has been integrated with an advanced testing and scoring application which depicts the fairness and transparency associated with how applicants are been graded.

How Do I Apply?

You may enrol by visiting to begin your registration.

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I hope this helps you score very high in the forthcoming Skusat Cbt test. This test will be used as a yardstick to award people scholarship.

What's your thought On this!!!. Don't forget to drop your comments below.

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  1. Mary

    December 10, 2018 at 11:06 am

    Pls what is the password

  2. Faith

    December 6, 2018 at 3:08 am

    I clicked on the pre test link and its asking for a password plz wat password is that

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