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NGAdverts Review: All You Need To Know About The Nigerian Ads Network

Small scale Nigerian bloggers, if you are looking for a review about the popular Nigerian ads company NGAdverts then you are in the right blog. In this article you will know if the ads company is a scam or Legit.
Well, when i started blogging, i was looking for the best ad network in Nigeria to monetize my site, i couldn’t find any legit network. I know some of you here have heard of Nairaapp and how they got thousands of publishers and advertisers but now its no more because of how they scam their publishers.They didn’t pay publishers even after passing the payment threshold.

ngadverts review

Ngadvert is an Online Advertising Company made for both publishers and Advertisers.It is a CPC/PPC network like the popular Google Adsense that pays for impressions. Ng adverts pay for every click generated from your website/blog and have no time for the impressions sent from your site.
Awesome right….. the following are worth knowing about the ads company.

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NGAdverts Ads Network Review

High CPC: NG adverts pay as high as N40/click and min of N10/click.

Revenue Share: NG Adverts ensure publishers earn more than themselves which means you earn 70% of the advertiser’s bid the policy is 70/30%. This is the best lucrative opportunity to make more money from this ads network.

How you get paid: NG adverts is not a paid per impression (PPM neither is it a pay per action (PPA) rather a pay per click/cost per click (PPC/CPC)

Account type: You can eaither chose to register as an advertiser, publisher or both.

Ads Units: Publishers are recquired to create every ads unit separately. This means that if you use the same ads unit twice on a page one will display ads while the other will not. On like Google Adsense that you can use one ads unit on the same page several times.

Targeting: They have a geological targeting for advertisers choice.

How to Get A Publisher Account in NGAdverts Ads Network.

Having read all the things you need to know about the ads company, you can follow the procedure below to get an account.

  • Visit the Sign Up page
  • Enter your information as appropriate
  • Confirm your email
  • Add your site/wait for approval which usually takes up to 1 hour
  • Create your first ads code and place on your site.


  • Click on Codes. On your dashboard, From the drop down menu
  • click on Create
  • Enter details as it may suit you.
  • That’s Paste the code on your blog and start expecting the result within few hours.


They pay a minimum of NG2000 which means if a click could cost NG40, you only need 50 clicks to withdraw your first earnings with NGAdverts. Let us do the maths together; 2000/40=50max.


Since this is a Nigeria ads network, it allows you to get paid directly to your bank account without any further deductions. You don’t need PayPal/Payoneer to get paid.


It really doesn’t have a fixed date for this. You can request for your money and get paid with two business days.
For More FAQs please contact them using this link

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